The joy from a regular dosage of newspaper with a morning cup of coffee is unparalleled. However, with digital taking over the world, they are a thing of the past, as more and more people nowadays rely on news apps or newspaper Mobile App Content to stay up to date on what’s happening in their city and around the world. 

This blog will go through the most practical news app UI/UX best practices and Tips for creating Mobile App Content to keep in mind when developing a user-friendly and engaging news app. Consider the following:

1. Display the most relevant story to users first:

A simple but vital step is to make your most recent or top story showed first.

Rather than a carousel with several possibilities, having one article as the main emphasis will greatly raise your CTR to that content. Carousels are frequently neglected or your users will only see the first frame. Rather than a carousel, highlight the most significant story of the day that your audience is visiting your news app to see.

2. Use List Views to Keep Your User’s Attention:

You must have a layout that corresponds to the content you are developing for your app. Grid View and List View are the two most frequent layouts for content-heavy apps. A Grid layout may be ideal for an eCommerce app. However, if you operate a news app, a List view is the ideal option. Users in list views rely mostly on reading the text to decide which option to select.

3. Allow Registrations to Double Subscriptions:

If your news app allows users to establish accounts, you want them to do so and login. This can assist you in gathering important information about your readership and the kind of material that registered people respond to the best. Making registration simple will pay off in the long run since, according to Wired, registered free users are 10 times more likely to later become paying customers or devoted members.

4. Use categories to assist visitors in finding content:

You must give your app users a simple way to access different types of material if they wish to use it. Your main app menu is the ideal place to add “content categories” to do this. On your app’s interface, a “categories section” won’t take up much room. However, it provides customers with a quick and easy way to access your news app.

5. Increase user numbers by increasing social sharing:

Allow your readers to share your material with their social media networks. Including a “native social sharing button” in your news app boosts the sharing potential of your content and decreases the work required to share an article. By incorporating this CTA button into your app, you will witness an increase in new users from social media platforms. When your material is shared on social media, Google recognises that it is relevant. 

6. Use Related Posts to keep users in-app for longer:

Including a related posts section at the bottom of your article pages is a terrific approach to encourage people to remain and read more of your material.

Importantly, the related articles should make sense rather than simply being a random post from your app, and many WordPress-related posts plugins will use existing categories and tags as a foundation for the ideas given to readers.

7. Increase Time Spent on the Page by Using Estimated Reading Time:

Adding an Estimated Reading Time indication to your news app UX is a simple modification that may have a big impact. By being upfront about the length of your piece, you can encourage more of your readers to read it.

It’s a simple modification that can result in a huge increase in visitors to your site.

8. Social logins increase engagement by 68%:

Adding a social login system to a traditional, email and password-based login gateway is a straightforward modification. It only needed the addition of a social login to notice a significant increase in engagement. Because your consumers are likely already hooked into one of the social channels on their phone, giving them the option can assist streamline the sign-up process.

9. Make Ads More User-Friendly:

User-friendly advertising techniques, such as native in-feed commercials, will increase your revenue and give your readers a better browsing experience.

Because they complement your existing content’s layout and flow naturally with it, in-feed advertisements are a user-friendly option.

10. Promote comments to foster community:

A great technique to improve user involvement with your content is by enabling article comments. An excellent strategy for getting users to spend more time and engage more with your app’s content is to increase engagement within the app rather than just on social media.

Bottom line: 

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