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Of the phones on the market, more than 80% operate on Android. There is Access to 2 billion Android users is possible in your company; if you develop an Android app. India is home to India-based Micro Pyramid, a business dedicated to creating Android apps. Here Devstree’s Android app development services are tailor-made for each client. The quality, security, user-friendliness, and scalability of our applications help ensure the long-term success of our customers’ businesses.


  1. Our goal is to create apps that make life easier for end-users. To be used by your consumers, we want your product to be approachable
  2. In the development and testing phases, we test the product in all Android versions, beginning with Android 4.0 and continuing until the newest version of Android.
  3. We test the app on all screen sizes and Android device types.
  4. Device hardware integrations: We have extensive experience, including Bluetooth, GPS, and fingerprint scanners, among other things.
  5. Modern Tooling: We use the most recent technology to build your product.
  6. Some applications need offline support. A person connected to the internet in the past ten minutes or less would want to see information from it. To be connected to the internet, app data will be updated.
Android App Development Services

Android App Designing

This requires a certain amount of experience and expertise, and we offer both to you with new ideas and consideration for your project.

Custom Android App Development

This focuses on you and your choice in development every step along the way. You may not be an expert in designing, but you know what you want best, and we are here to give it to you.

Android App Widget Development

This feature adds to the smoothness in using and complexity of your android app and must be done well. We help you to make the app and its use seamless.

Android Games App Development

Game development, while a different ball game, is one that we're interested in and will hope to carry on. Games development expertise is something we offer to make the design and use of your app unique and the best in the market.

Android Wearable Apps Development

ince wearable products have the highest demand in the market, we have advanced technology and a growing unit that focuses on this technology as and when you require it.

Android App Upgradation & Migration

This is an important service since various new operating systems etc., come up every day; thus, we develop apps and recommend options that are most suitable for migration to most platforms and help in the process.

Our Process


Your orders may be placed here, and you can select from different choices.

Discovery & Planning

Perhaps you would want to do some searches here and then plan your purchase as you see fit. .

Design & Development

The design and development stages are up to you here. Once we know each other’s timeframes, we can work together to meet our mutual objectives.


To offer a service that allows you to raise and answer questions at every stage, we go through the process with you. For us, growth, and your product, this is efficient.


The final delivery step will be timed to meet our requirements and padded to account for your expectations.

Why Choose us?

Your search for a good mobile app development company that offers an all-in-one app solution will end here with us at Devstree. And, this is why you should opt for us:

We have experts in this field and can cater to all your needs related to app development.

We are masters at what we do and are highly renowned; we are also known as the best mobile app developers in the USA.

We are unique in that we provide all services and care about your opinions more than our expertise. After all, it is you as a client who must be satisfied.

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