Technology giants such as Facebook and Microsoft are pouring huge sums into Metaverse because they know the return from it is non-conventionally high. This is the future of better business prospects. The Metaverse is a virtual environment. But the population will be a digital representation of individuals, formed as avatars, objects, and locations. As the future is decentralized, digital things are powered by blockchain.

  • The Exclusive Factors in Metaverse

Presently, users can accomplish things to a certain limited extent. But Metaverse will enable them to experience something from any location of their choice across the globe. People can meet their peers and friends virtually; they would do in real life. It would be a virtual community world where they could connect, play and work.

Devices to access the digital world are in the process of development. They have augmented reality glasses, headsets, smartphone applications, and other gadgets.

  • Definition and Conception

The Oxford Dictionary defines the term Metaverse as the realm of virtual reality in which there are interactions between participants through a world generated by a virtual computer.

Metaverse could be conceived as a collection of virtual environments interconnected, just like the internet but accessed via virtual reality. However, the distinguishing factor is the esoteric aspect of the Metaverse, understanding the working of blockchain.

  • Blockchain Cryptocurrency & Metaverse

Pay Pal and Credit Card are accepted by Web for payment. But Cryptocurrency is taken by the Metaverse for creating the digital economy. Blockchain is effective in the following six categories of Metaverse.

    • Digital ownership
    • Asset transfer
    • Interoperability
    • Accessibility
    • Governance
    • Digital collectability

Because of its transparency and cost-effectiveness, blockchain technology is suitable for Metaverse.

  • Blockchain Technology

It is a decentralized public program known as a ledger in which transactions are recorded permanently. Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency based on blockchain. For instance, when you log a trade to the Bitcoin blockchain, it is replicated to thousands of individual computers worldwide. Cheating or manipulating is strictly avoided. They are transparent and visible to anybody.

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is programmable through smart contacts of blockchain technology software routines. It executes automatically if certain criteria are fulfilled. For instance, for creating your ownership of a digital object, say a thing of art, to which none else can have a claim of ownership to the blockchain. Just as you possess the right of cash, stock, and artwork, you can keep crypto assets like digital objects.

Currency units in the realm of crypto are fungible and can be interchanged. But digital assets are not interchangeable. At this point in the situation, the Metaverse NFT comes into the equation.

Role of NFTs in Metaverse

  1. NFT: It is a record of data kept on the blockchain distinctively and interchangeably. It records the ownership, transfer, and attributes of a particular digital asset. Interchangeability is known as fungible. Non-fungible Token (NFT) makes them separate from similar blockchain entities like bitcoins. They have the same value, fungible and interchangeable.
  2. Digitalization of Media: Media such as music, artwork, photos, blog articles, and publications could be easily duplicated. Hence their copyrights, ownership rights, and property rights are generally muddled. NFTs make it possible for the owners of such digital assets to sell and exchange their ownership by using the benefits of the decentralized crypto ecosystem.
  3. Function of NFTs: Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) are items such as music or artwork on a blockchain. Each NFT is one of its kind and cannot, therefore, be replaced or duplicated. Cash is a fungible item and can be interchanged with anything of similar value.

What is Metaverse?

No single organization constructs Metaverse. Various groups (tycoons) will be responsible for developing multiple virtual worlds that will ultimately be interoperable. Users will need to bring their assets while moving between the virtual worlds, like Microsoft, to the digital environment of Decentraland. If the virtual worlds are compatible, the blockchain will confirm rights of ownership related to9 the digital objects. The user must be able to access the digital things so long as the Cryptocurrency wallet in the virtual environment is enough.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

A Cryptocurrency wallet can store digital items exclusive to the Metaverse, such as avatars, avatar motions, virtual apparel, firearms, and virtual ornaments. Digital assets and their value will be the primary link between Metaverse and NFTs. People can present digital forms of artwork and holdings in the Metaverse. This and the NFTs will help in pricing that stuff and proof of ownership.

NFTs can potentially alter how the users engage with established social media platforms and establish connections with one another.

Uses of Cryptocurrency wallets

As the name suggests, you can go shopping with Cryptocurrency wallets. You can buy traditional digital products such as audio, games, videos, and other applications. Users can purchase objects of the physical world in the Metaverse. They can also see and hold 3D replicas of what they are buying. They can thus have a better-informed selection.

Just as you carry an ID in a leather wallet, you can link the Cryptocurrency wallets with real-world identities. This may help expedite payments requiring legal authentication, such as purchasing a real estate or a real-world vehicle.

Since the ID is connected to the user’s wallet, there will not be any need to remember the login details for every website. You may have to click the wallet with a tap, and after that, the user is signed in. The crypto currency wallet can also be linked to the contact lists of the users, thus allowing them to transfer information from one to another virtual world.


We are still to see the entire operation of the Metaverse that we write and read about. But, the scope is growing exponentially, and large corporations are investing heavily in numerous viable projects. The future version of Metaverse may be expected to be more sophisticated and innovative. The decentralized interposable Metaverse is all set to give what it has in store for everyone.