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Build a Business, Manage a Business, Start a Business, Find a Business!

Downtime Deals is the best local Marketplace for communities to experience on-demand, exclusive discounts from local businesses. Downtime Deals gives you access to time sensitive significant savings on services and products from your local Vendors.

This app was created for both the consumer and the merchant to profit! When Vendors and small businesses have “downtime’’ between customers or simply a slow day they can post their services and/or products at discounted rates, to build clientele and increase their revenue.

Their Downtime Deal gives clients, customer, homeowner, etc., the opportunity to take advantage of services and products they need at a lower rate than usual. This is a win-win app for both parties.

User Features:

-Search Deals in your area using multiple filters

-Save your favorite Deals for quick access

-Convenient maps show Vendor locations

-Redeem Deals and present QR Code

-See Vendor ratings and reviews

-Get Alerts of expiring Deals, new Deals, Vendor confirmations & more

-In-app chat allows direct communication with Vendors

Vendor Features:

-Access all User features to find great Deals from other Vendors

-Show Users that you are online and available

-Set up your Business profile with images and contact info

-Post multiple Deals with images & various discount options

-Easily manage when Deals start and stop

-Add a QR Code to your Deal for fast processing

-Set up travel confirmations for in-home services

-See how your Deals are performing with Analytic charts

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