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Finding gigs is not your forte? With Freddie you can schedule a music gig in just a minuet!
For musicians seeking their next stage, and venues looking to book live performances, Freddie offers an alternative way for musicians and venue-owners to find their personalised best matches, negotiate payment and schedule events – a simple solution to gig organisation.

Freddie uses an algorithm built to facilitate musician-venue matches made in heaven. The first step for users is to create personalised musician/venue profiles and set their preferences. Next, explore compatible users and add more filters to their search such as ratings, availability, number of gigs played etc. If it’s a match, users can start a chat and agree on a date and compensation for the gig. They can create a joint event and attach one of our 2 editable contract types. At this point everything is ready for the gig! After the performance is done the venue will share a unique QR code from the event page and the artist will scan it. This QR code, not only

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