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Project Details

Frekis helps individuals as well as businesses. As an individual, it is super easy to share your assets like bike, kayak etc digitally with family and friends and everyone can see the latest location and availability of an asset.


Cycling metrics such as speed, distance, calories, CO2 saved emission and time are tracked automatically as soon as you unlock the bike. No need to press “start” or “stop”, Frekis App will save every ride data securely

Be an operator:

If you have Frekis supported locks like TheiShare, you can start your own rental business within a few clicks as frekis has a subscription based business model and riders can pay directly to operators. Frekis support 135 currencies as we have implemented Stripe. Anyone with stripe account can start instantly by upgrading subscription from basic to “operator”

One App for all operators:

No need to download additional apps for particular operators, Frekis is integrating all asset sharing operators in the platform.

As a user, all passes and receipts of different operators will be at one place. It is easier to manage everything at one place.

If you are an operator and interested in integrating the fleet, contact us via our website.

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