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With an intuitive design and an application designed from start to finish, discover how to easily cook the best Mediterranean recipes from thousands of users.

The Mediterranean diet puts a higher focus on plant foods than many other diets. It is not uncommon for vegetables, whole grains, and legumes to make up all or most of a meal.

People following the diet typically cook these foods using healthful fats, such as olive oil, and add plenty of flavorful spices.

Meals may include small portions of fish, meat, or eggs.

Water and sparkling water are common drink choices, as well as moderate amounts of red wine.

Main Features:

– Discover the best Mediterranean food recipes

– Share your recipes with millions of users

– Receive likes in the recipes you share, and see who gave you likes

– You can take photos in the recipes you share

– Mark your favorite recipes and consult them whenever you want

– In the My Recipes section you can edit or correct the recipes you share, as well as view who has liked you

– Check recipes shared by our users

– Dark Mode / Light Mode

– The application supports around 50 languages, it starts automatically in the language of your device and you can change to the language of your preference whenever you want.

– Logins integrated with popular apps

– Account recovery

– Intuitive design

– Synchronization with web portal

– Web Portal available with your information synchronized so you can access it from any computer, from the application you can see the link to the web portal

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