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Project Details

Discover artists, watch live streams and get creative while using this app!

SAIRYŌ believes artists should have more creative and financial freedom. With this app. you can discover, watch and host live streams. Share your online events and build your fan base.

SAIRYO will provide artists with revolutionary features and control over their artistic vision to create a better online user experience for both the artists and the audience. We are evolving the app and will be including full video, chat and games capability.

We believe enriched online experiences will lead to deeper human connections and the empowerment of artists both creatively and financially.

SAIRYŌ Features:

• Share your live streams with your audience on any platform including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any website using the URL provided

• Support trending artists through donations, payments and merchandise

• Discover new artists and live streams from all over the world

• Interested in an event? Add it to your watchlist and subscribe to the artist!

• Free-to-use mobile app

Connect and Share

• Create a profile and engage with the community through shares, comments and likes

• Build your artist profile and create paid events using native streaming on SAIRYŌ

• Subscribe to artists and fans including VIP perks, featured content and social media streams

SAIRYO’s music label also focuses on empowering independent artists through music production, filmography, live streaming, digital media and/or artist marketing.

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