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✨ The Runes of Mannaz is a deck of 24 Oracle cards based on The Elder Futhark runes.

✨ Mannaz comes from the Germanic word for man; it also means mankind. In this deck, it represents our humanity, our “oneness” and the realm of our collective ideas.

✨Runes were originally set of letters that formed ancient “runic alphabets” that originated in Scandinavian countries. The Elder Futhark refers to the oldest version of these alphabets and emerged around the First Century. Besides their use for language and communication, runes were also carved as symbols of power used for magic and divination.

✨ The Free app features : ✨ 1, 2, or 3 rune cards reading.
✨2 general Relationship spreads, a compatibility spread, a Spiritual purpose spread, a Yearly spread.

✨ Reversed runes option

✨ A journal to record your readings

✨ Select, copy/paste any text of the cards

✨ Unlock the Shadow deck

✨ Paid in-app content features:

🔮 The Shadow deck, a deck of 16 Shadow cards to work on shadow issues.

🔮 3 extra spreads:, The Shadow spread, My Light & Shadow spread, Our Light, our Shadow” spread,

✨ Shop: Buy the physical deck and download the free E- guidebook on the website.

✨ AD-FREE. The rune-cards of Mannaz is a 100% ad-free Oracle reading app.

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