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Bishop Anstey High Schol East and Trinity College East Bookings

The TRINCOL Bookings app, allows clients to book various Event and Classroom spaces at the Bishop Anstey High School East and Trinity College East campus compound.

Trincity College Limited is pleased to offer the following areas for rent:

Auditorium, Classrooms, Meeting rooms, Football field, Multipurpose courts, Main foyer, Music room, Court-yard and Cafeteria.

Come and discover our newly renovated facilities. From your fairy tale wedding to your joyous occasions such as dinners, family reunions, corporate functions, tea parties and so much more, we offer an elegant yet affordable venue.

Our spaces are well-maintained and outfitted with modern furniture, technologically up-to-date equipment, high-speed internet connectivity, overhead projectors, whiteboards, technical support, secured parking and other amenities to make your experience with us comfortable.

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